At US Tank & Cryogenic Equipment Inc., we take pride in the exceptional quality of our work. Every cylinder that enters our facility goes through a rigorous repair & testing process.

First, cylinders are received by our Shipping Department and tagged with a tracking sheet.

Before any repairs take place, each cylinder is tested with our state-of-the-art Varian helium mass spectrometer.

After the cylinders have been checked for leaks, they are placed on vacuum racks. The inner cylinder is heated to 400 degrees and a vacuum is pulled for 96 continuous hours and brought back to the original manufacturer’s specifications, or better.

After cylinders have completed the vacuum process, they are taken to our top works area.  Parts are removed, tested, cleaned or replaced. Then we properly set the cylinder’s regulators and install proper safety relief valves to cylinder’s DOT rating

Next, Normal Evaporation Rate (NER) testing is done on every cylinder. Each cylinder is charged with 100 pounds of liquid nitrogen and is tested over a period of three days. On the fourth day, the cylinder is again tested within a controlled environment.

Step Six: Stainless steel cylinders are cleaned with an oxygen compatible cleaner and then buffed to a high shine.  Carbon steel cylinders are blasted and painted.

Finally, each cylinder is palletized, wrapped, boxed and tagged for shipment.

With 20 years of experience and our state-of-the art facilities, US Tank & Cryogenic Equipment, Inc. is the premier cryogenic tank repair and refurbishing expert in the United States.